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       The Institute of Technological Sciences of Wuhan University, which was established in November, 2016, is an independent institute directly affiliated to Wuhan University. Professor Jianrong Tan, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is invited to be its first director and Professor Sheng Liu, Dean of School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, is appointed to be its executive director.


       Based on the engineering disciplines of Wuhan University, the Institute of Technological Sciences is a unique platform targeting cross-disciplinary research and for attracting high-end talents interested in cross-disciplinary research in frontiers, including, but not limited to advanced manufacturing (including electronics manufacturing, smart manufacturing, robotics, biomedical instruments, 3D printing, etc.), alternative energy sources (including shale gas development, renewable energy, advanced energy storage and power electronics, etc.), advanced materials (including biomimetic materials, multi-functional composites and nanomaterials, etc.) and aerospace engineering (including new aerospace structures, space intelligent flexible robots, system reliability, thermal management, sensors, development set design, testing and evaluation system technology, new engineering design, etc.). The founding of this new institute is a university effort to reshape its engineering disciplinary so as to make Wuhan University internationally famous. The key to this effort is to attract world class experts and young talents, who may not be able to fall into the existing traditional engineering majors. The Institute will be able to develop disruptive technologies and train the best applied scientists and engineers for engineering community and for national and local industries in terms of research papers, patents, collaboration centers with leading companies in China and abroad. The Institute will build a cross-disciplinary talent training base and high-tech incubator base fostering the entrepreneurship for younger generations.


       The Institute of Technological Sciences has attracted a group of talents with great academic achievements and contributions on their relative research and academic fields, including members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, “Changjiang Scholar Professors” by The Ministry of Education, “National Outstanding Young Scientists”, “1000 Talents” and “1000 Young Talents” selected nationally , White House Presidential Faculty Fellow.


       The Institute of Technological Sciences is planning to recruit 30 distinguished professors or young researchers as independent PIs with different backgrounds from around the world from advanced manufacturing, alternative energy sources, advanced materials and applications, aerospace and other engineering disciplines. We will attract and cultivate high-level research talents and teams, and maintain the mobility of researchers and the enthusiasm of scientific research through academic communications of research findings in various fields, the collaborative studies in cross-disciplinary projects and the graduate program of comprehensive education, the varieties of talent recruitment model, salary incentive mechanism, performance appraisal methods and resource allocation channels. We will promote the cross-disciplinary studies and try to build an excellent atmosphere for academic research in the university.


       The Institute of Technological Sciences will actively explore the new cross-disciplinary talent recruiting and training mode, making full use of advantages of multi-disciplinary, globalized faculty sourcing, and create a good academic atmosphere and mentoring environment. Currently, we will be recruiting globally excellent master's and doctoral students, Chinese or non-Chinese, in the fields including advanced manufacturing, energy, advanced materials, aerospace and other related disciplines.


       You are highly welcome to join us!